Black Queer, Not Black and Queer, Not Black or Queer -, formerly Cover Story "Black" February 2018

The Conspicuous Trap of Desire in the Social Media Era -, formerly Cover Story “Crave” August 2018

Self Identification Through Intersectionality - MFA Thesis, Savannah College of Art and Design

In the past, movements that focused on civil rights were separate and fixed: Black rights, Women’s rights, Gay rights; today, people look to movements to be more inclusive of their overlapping identities. This call for more representation, and more space, for different kinds of people is indicative of newly evolving forms of identification. Intersectionality1 is no longer simply a theory for explaining interlocking systems of oppression; people are using this theory for formation of their own personal identity2. Through the exploration of identity, blackness and intersectionality, I set out to position my work within the art world; specifically relating my exploration of identity politics to theories in craft and fibers. Intersecting identities create experiences that often vary from mainstream assumptions; rather than viewing these experiences as outliers, intersectionality creates possibilities to explore how different identity groups are impacted by individual experiences.

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Existing Fully Is A Revolutionary Act: Poetry, Photography and Prose at the Intersection of Race, Gender and Sexuality

"This book is a small exploration of personal narrative as it revealed itself while the author completed an MFA in Fibers. The works are personal and autobiographic with reflections, self portraits and poetry working together to explore gender, race and sexuality."